how to fix a sexless marriage | Dr. Sonjia tips for sexual satisfaction within your relationships

Believe it or not every marriage goes through a phase without sex. In Sexless Marriage, I discuss how to fix a sexless marriage. I give some helpful sex tips to improve sexual satisfaction and improve intimacy in a relationship. Sometimes, all it takes is a little romance to rekindle the passion in a relationship. I’ll teach you how to plan the perfect date and get the romance back into your marriage. Also, tune in for your free Sensate Focus Exercise guide, which helps long-term couples build trust, improve intimacy, and increase desire in a relationship.

Sexless marriages in America are the topic of today’s show. After discussing the causes of sexless marriages, I give some useful tips to improve sexual satisfaction within your relationships. I also give you free access to my Sensate Focus Exercise guide which helps long-term couples reignite desire in four short weeks.

If you’re serious about improving sexual satisfaction, today’s show will also inspire you to learn “How to plan a date”. So, for those looking for better lovin’, I highly encourage you to click here before your next date.

“To avoid sex, I always make sure he’s asleep before going to bed.”

I’ve heard more variations of that sentence than I can count. But don’t be fooled. It’s not always women who avoid sex. Many men have confided that they intentionally fall asleep on the couch to avoid intimacy with their woman.

Did you know 20% of married people don’t have sex at least once per month? A lot of you are shaking your head in agreement because you’re one of them. And my divorced friends also know lots about sexless marriage, because ‘no mo nooky’ is one of the first alarms indicating their split was on the horizon.

The truth is – all committed relationships experience sexless phases. That’s why learning strategies to reignite the sexual spark is critical to keeping every romance intact. A phase without sex doesn’t have to become your new normal. A little education combined with optimistic effort can lead to a whole lot of sensual fun.

You can turn a sexless phase into an opportunity to strengthen your sexual desire and intimate connection with your lover. Today’s video tells you how. For your daily dose of nooky knowledge, join Dr. Sonjia, Click here


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