Sex and Cheating: Should you tell?

What’s your definition of cheating? Is the old saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater” true? These are all questions many people ask that have been cheated on. Even if you have never been cheated on, there are still so many unanswered questions about cheating. In today’s video, Sex and Cheating: Should you tell? I answer some common questions about cheating in a relationship.

Let’s have a quickie! Today’s super-short show is all about cheating.

How many people are actually cheating?

What do different people consider cheating (Porn? Sexual texts? Flirting at the store?)

Why do men cheat?

How do you tell someone you’re itching to cheat?

Can your relationship recover after the deed is done?

These questions and more are answered in today’s show. Watch it alone and again with your lover to inspire a fun, honest conversation about cheating. Because nothing is sexier than honesty.

Sometimes, you should lie to your lover.

Was your ex-boyfriend bigger than me?

Was your last girlfriend’s body better than mine?

Am I the best lover you’ve ever had?

No, No, and Yes is exactly how you should answer these questions, whether or not it’s the truth. If you answer any other way, your lover will feel insecure. And since being with an insecure person is very UN-FUN, sometimes you gotta tell a little white lie.

But most other times, you should tell the truth. Especially if you’re thinking about having some fun, or fornication, outside of your relationship. The fact is, telling your lover that you WANT someone else, or that you’re thinking romantically about someone else, can do wonders for improving your sensual bond, trust, and respect for each other. Plus, it can give you valuable information about what type of sexy costume to buy for your next role play session. Meet Dr. Sonjia, Click here


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