Craft Smart Liquid Gloss Serving Tray & Artwork | How To Make Awesome Liquid Gloss Serving Tray

In this video, you watch how to make awesome liquid gloss service tray. This beautiful rectangular serving tray is hand-lacquered with a high liquid gloss finish.

At your home, this wonderful artwork will be a great addition to your table as you can serve your guest or family members. You can carry this tray as easily with any hot or cold drinks as well as food and snacks. The Craftsmart Liquid Gloss provides a professional high-gloss finish to your artwork.

CraftSmart adhesives are made locally in Australia! Not only will this give you the benefits of using safe & trusted glues but also you are supporting local jobs & our Australian business!

Our range includes glues for almost any project, and are available at your local craft shop including Spotlight stores or online at

Liquid Gloss – clear, glass finish and easy to use.
Add a high gloss finish to:
*Craft Projects
*Timber table tops
*Resin Art

You can have 100% confidence in the CraftSmart quality and service!
CraftSmart Australia
21-23 Joseph Street, Blackburn North, Victoria, 3130 Australia
If you want to know more about this, Click here


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