Ecoriginals Retailers Presentation | Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies in Australia

Lisa from Ecoriginals explained in this short video why you should consider arranging a nappies and what four years ago when we had out there child.

We tried to find an eco disposal nappy that was also affordable. We literally 30 the world and couldn’t believe how expensive I did. Nappies were and how many weren’t really that equal to do not take more than five hundred years and most disposable nappies and their packing to break down in landfill and that many disposable nappies can contain chlorine, bleaches, dioxin the light and heavy metal. We decided to tackle it head on and after two and a half years of extensive research and development form around the world and three nappy product.
Hotlanta originals was born and he’s a leading the world in our eco credentials. Including being the third now be in the world to be packaged in 100% compostable materials which takes 90 days to break down instead of five hundred years being my sleep. Plant based on FB is also much more. Breathable mean less snappy rashes and they don’t contain any of those chlorine bleach is used by others brand and we do all of these an affordable price point and that these are our P’s 5095 and we’ve also added baby watch which is the most eco in Australia. Buy lots of 100% compostable completely plant-based have a world-leading new design where I want their embossed with small bump cheesy lobbying and sofa 675 per packet. We attend every Baby Expo around Australia on talk to around 15,000 homes every year about our products. We also find myself happy customers will tell their friends and mothers groups about a product which allows us to grow organically. We also provide our samples into new moms bags around a stranger. Now working on increasing our presence through search engines as retailers. You will be listed on the stock us on our website so that customers can find a product senior stores. We offer genuine margins to our retail partners with successfully range in over 200 retail stores around Australia and I currently looking for the right retail partners to grow these target retail is a family-owned independent supermarkets and pharmacies and Whole Foods stores where we believe our brand can offer a point of difference of the big supermarkets who we are planning to sell through wet passionate about working with grow your thousand-acre regional products and sending new customers into your stores looking for our products. we can email you credit application and order forms and can make suggestions do you have an opening order. we’re so confident a product will sell in your store that we also offer a buy back at any stock if you can’t sell it fortunately. We’ve never had to actually do a buy back yet have a wonderful day and do reach out to one of our sales consultants with any questions. Click here


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