SEMrush | SEmrush Review | How to use SEMrush to drive more traffic and business to your website

I use SEMrush for both PPC and SEO to boost traffic for certain websites of mine- the console is easy to use, intuitive and the data in my opinion is more accurate than SPYfu, Keywordspu, Ispionage. It’s also used by hendreds of thousands of people around the world including businesses, SEO and PPC agencies to gather competitive data.

SEMRUSH is a competitive intelligence tool that gives you an insight into your top performing competitors, and also uses these insights to build a profitable online marketing campaign to help improve your position relating to them. For example; you can spy on the organic keywords they rank for, the types of words they are bidding on with their pay per click ads and campaigns and overall this can help you save many hours and a lot of money in spend and consultancy fees. Time and intelligence is money!

I use it to:

-Analyse any single URL like your own and other sites backlinks, organic traffic, backlinks

-Do a site audit that will uncover reccomended actions like meta tags, descriptions, H1 tags, keyword density of pages, posts, relevancy, suggested backlinks.

-Track position changes of keywords

-Compare all the above with one domain vs another lke your own vs the top site in your niche. This can also expose keyword gaps and

-Check the percentage of traffic being driven to a single site from keywords

-Get less competitive keyword ideas using the related keyword tab, or phrase match

-Easily pull off all the above data onto Excel from relevant data from compeititor websites

For PPC you can use it to spy on:

-Domain ad copies

-Spend on keywords for each domain

-Percentage of traffic going to a site from each keyword- this will give a very useful indication of which keywords are making money

-Amount of traffic going to each site in total, this will give an indication of who spends the most on PPC.

-Similar websites to your own and what keywords they are bidding on

-Generate keyword ideas through related keywords and phrase matches (Keyword planner does have this but SEmrush’s function is much better)

You can use many of functions for free, though it has certain limitations. The paid versions allow you to download unlimited spreadsheets of adcopies as well as track adcopy over time- the latter is especially useful so the trial is worth giving a shot (you can easily cancel after setting it up as well).

Overall this can help you save many hours and a lot of money in spend by making informed analysis of their ads and campaigns. It’s helped me make better decisions when setting up Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns.

For example if you spy on a competitor’s adspend on keywords, as well as the percentage of traffic being driven by any keyword, these indicators are a huge likelihood that the company or site is making money month by month from them, it’s vital competitive PPC intelligence that you would be foolhardy to ignore, all this data can easily be exported into a spreadsheet which you can copy and paste and create campaigns and adgroups from. Of course their site may also have certain features, and their offer and landing page may be fantastic, so you should never use this in isolation.

What are some other good reasons to use SEMRUSH? A large number of professional SEO and PPC agencies actually use it as a tool to help them get more business and help their clients better, also there are over 800,000 users worldwide. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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