How To Serve in Tennis| Full Serve Video Analysis On How To Serve Tennis For Beginners

To know how to serve in tennis effectively is the crucial part to develop you as a player so that this full tennis serve analysis video on how to serve tennis for beginners.

Check out today’s video where I break down the serve of a committed player that wants to improve how to serve in tennis.

This player could improve a few areas on his technique, but I want you to pay particular attention to the first move.

The video analysis starts at 0:35 and keep in mind that when I did this breakdown for this student, I had not intention of sharing it on youtube until later. But after giving it some thought, I realized it could provide a lot of value to help you learn how to serve better.

At 1:17 I go through how this players stance and weight distribution can be improved. This player could really shift
the amount of weight is on his back foot when remakes his first move.

You have to look at the weight distribution of the feet as well as what the racquet is doing when you make your first move, a subtle but key component to give you the edge on how to serve.

When this student moves the racquet up during the first move, the tip of the racquet faces toward the back fence or towards the camera. The ideal position is to have the strings face the net on the first move instead.

You can see this issue at the 2:35 mark. When I release the ball in the demonstration, notice that my racquet is in a lower position and the strings face the net. The tip of the racquet is pointing to the right toward the side fence, a key component to learn how to serve effectively.

You want to feel like your swing arm is delayed and stays lower as the ball is tossed. You don’t want to raise up the arms at the same time when tossing the ball. This is the “classic down together, up together concept that you want to avoid.” On the first move, make sure your swing arm stays lower with the strings facing the net while you’re tossing the ball.

This will really help your first move position so that you can improve your rhythm and timing and give you the edge on how to serve. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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