Donald Trump: Sex and Politics (Make Sex Great Again) | Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments

Recently, a leaked Donald Trump 2005 Access Hollywood video surfaced. After listening to his lewd comments about women, it is only right that we discuss Donald Trump’s temperament and polices when it comes to sexual health. In today’s episode, Donald Trump: Sex and Politics (Make Sex Great Again), we focus on which presidential candidate will prioritize and protect your right to sexual health and sexual freedom.

Since you’ll be talking about Trump all weekend, this week’s video presents a lively compilation of evidence which show exactly how Trump will change sexual health policies and privileges if elected as the next #POTUS.

Abortion. Gay Marriage. Rape and Sexual Assault Laws. Sexuality while Aging. Trump and I cover all these topics and so many more in today’s video. Tune in now to see how Trump wants to change sexuality in America, then you decide if this is the guy to #makesexgreatagain.
For your daily dose of nooky knowledge, join Dr. Sonjia.

Was your mind blown by the pussy-grabbing presidential candidate last weekend? Sorry for the vulgar language.

If that offended you, I know you spent last weekend wondering how a presidential candidate who brags about sexual assault could still be a contender. I know I did.

But the fall-out sent an even more meaningful message to Mr. Trump, which can also be applied to our own sexual relationships – if we want them to be more successful than Donald’s marriages.

Know when to quit.

Sometimes, no means no, and it is never going to change to yes. If you’re into someone but none of their friends or family support their relationship with you, it will be very challenging to sustain a fulfilling sexual relationship. It’s gonna be an uphill battle. And remember, sexual fulfillment usually comes when you’re not front and center on a battleground.

If you’re beloved says, “No, I don’t want to convert to your religion.” either accept it or move onto someone of the same faith. Or decide to have an unharmonious, contentious relationship. But remember, you knew they said no and chose to stay in that situation. Sounds like great fuel for foreplay, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Trump is doing after the Republican Party has said, “No. We don’t want you.” By ignoring their rejection and staying in the political establishment, the relationship between the GOP and Trump is poisoned by conflict that is crippling the elected leaders’ ability to accomplish progress for our Nation.

Think about progress like great sex. It happens when you’re not front and center on the battleground. Trump is a walking battleground, and the wars he’s ignited within the GOP prove that he doesn’t know how to have amazing sex with a WILLING woman nor achieve progress as a politician. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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