How To Get The Most Money For Your Home | Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

In this video, Bridget Gelderman explain how to get the most money for your home. To know more about Bridget Gelderman’s tips for selling your home at here

Hi!, I’m Bridget Gelderman, Realtor w/Davis R Chant in the beautiful Pocono mountains lake, wallenpaupack region of Pennsylvania. I’m here to share with you another tip. My ticket today is how to get the most money for your home. When you put it on the market, I have a free page checklist that i can email you or send to you. I can probably figure out how to text me, if you’d like to know and it’s just some tips what you can do room by room to get your house on the market and I think it’s helpful to go through this checklist. You don’t have to do everything but even if you did 40% of it, I think you would be surprised how much different house blocks. i think one of the main items the top number one item on the check list, I would say get your house sparkling clean every service of that house that is my number #1 tip and you’ll be surprised how many things that you’re going to move out of the way that you’re going to put away and the house is just going to look so much better for that you know. Make sure all your labels work put your shoes and your coats all in the closet clean up your landscaping clear off your kitchen counters, dining room you know. Take everything off the table show not the tablecloth. It’s on the table we want to be see you know the world and chairs and everything that goes around the table and i would say just clean off the fireplace and told put a few pictures on less is more and you’d be surprised just these few tips on how far it goes in getting your house sell. I’d be happy to set up and went on with you and we can go through your house room by room, so if you’d like to get your household, give me a call or send me a text. I look forward to working with you and if you liked this video be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube or like my page on facebook.

Looking to SELL your home or BUY real estate in the Pocono Mountains? Reach out to Bridget at 570-840-1314 or 570-226-4518. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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