Why Sell Your Home in the Winter | Tips to sell your home in the winter | Bridget Gelderman

By this video you know why sell your home in the winter. Statistics show that homes actually sell at a slightly higher price in winter but how? let’s watch Bridget Gelderman’s best tips to sell your home in the winter. I WILL GET YOUR HOME SOLD – GUARANTEED! Go for more at here

Bridget Tips:
Hi!, i’m Bridget Gelderman, realtor at Davis R. Chant Realtors in the beautiful Pocono mountains lake ball back. I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about why should you sell your home in the winter. So many homeowners do not lift their home in the wintertime and I think you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Inventory goes down significantly in the winter months so you have a whole lot less competition, Oh it might not be pretty and green outside but your buyers are a little bit more motivated to purchase those that aren’t as motivated tend to be more summer and spring lookers those in the winter that are going out in the frigid temperatures are definitely more motivated to purchase than those that wait for it to be nice and sunny out there’s a little bit left haggle buyers have less to choose from so they may be less handle inclined to on the price with you which is awesome for our homeowners. We’d like to get as much money out of our home as possible customer service. I would say villagers are quite as busy in those winter months as they are in the spring and summer, So the winter is a great time to have more of the realtors attention. Making sure all the details are taking care of with your home. So I would definitely say you’re going to get more customer service. If you listen to one charm. There’s also an increase in holiday periods in the winter months. You have Martin Luther King weekend in January. You have presidents weekend. There’s some winter break, there’s a Spring break. You have Easter depending on when it falls. So buyers oftentimes have more time off and they may come looking during those holiday periods, so don’t discount winter just because it’s cold out and there’s a little bit more of an advertising opportunity out there. Since there’s less homes on the market. You’re going to get a little more share of the market, so those are my tips, if you would like to list your home or talk more about it, especially heading into winter, give me a call or send me a text. I’d be happy to work with you and provide you with my ideas of how we can make your house band out. Thanks so much for listing to my tips.

Bridget Gelderman, Realtor
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E: Bridget@GeldermanGroup.com

Why Sell in the Winter
Serious buyers – there are fewer buyers but they are more committed to purchasing – if they go out in cold weather – they really want to buy!

Less competition – sellers tend to wait for Spring/Summer to list – now’s the time to stand out

Less Haggle – fewer options on the market means they are less likely to press on price

Customer Service – Realtors, banks, lawyers, inspectors, et. Have less going on… more time when it comes to your home being under contract.

Increase in Holiday Periods: Lots of holiday’s for shoppers to look in the Winter/early Spring: MLK weekend, President’s Weekend, Winter break, Spring break, Easter, etc… there’s a holiday in just about every month and so many sellers wait until May/June to list so you have some big weekends where buyers have time off from work to come look at real estate.

Advertising Opportunity – less inventory = more advertising for your home!

Looking to SELL your home or BUY real estate in the Pocono Mountains? Reach out to Bridget at 570-840-1314 or 570-226-4518. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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