December 2016 PikeWayne MLS Real Estate News | Pike/Wayne Real Estate Market Report

Real estate market report, presented by Bridget Gelderman on December 2016 PikeWayne MLS real estate news. Looking to SELL your home or BUY real estate in the Pocono Mountains? Reach out to Bridget at 570-840-1314 or 570-226-4518.

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Hello Pocono Mountains & Lake Wallenpaupack Region! Bridget Gelderman, Realtor with Davis R. Chant bring you’re the Pike/Wayne MLS Real Estate Statistics! Stay Tuned for the Next Episode of Pike Wayne Real Estate News!

Overall – our market has improved significantly this past year.

Let’s dig in to the Year end and December Data

• Our average SALE price increased 10% – more money in seller pockets
• Our volume of property sold was up 17% – more property sold
• We are down 11% in new listings – fewer NEW homes on the market
• 12 months to liquidate all of te inventory – last year – we ended the year at 15 months to liquidate. We are down 20%

December Statistics
• We sold almost 8% more homes this past December than December 2015
• Right now, we have 1661 active listings on the entire Pike/Wayne MLS, last year, we ended the year with 2388 active listings – almost 700 less homes on the market.
• We added 130 new listings last month – in December 2015, we added 170 new listings so those are down 24%.

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