Real Estate Tips For Buying a Home | How To Buy a House By Bridget Gelderman

Bridget Gelderman present – real estate tips for buying a home. Buying a home for the first time, let’s watch this video and know the killer tips for buying a house/flat/property. For more information, visit here. These tips can help you handle in the right direction if you’re considering a move in the near future.

Bridget’s Tip:
Hi! I’m Bridget Gelderman, I’m here in the beautiful Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania at Lake Wallenpaupack. I’m a realtor with Davis R. Chant in the Hawley office and I’m here to share with you a realtor tip. Are you looking to purchase a home, If so you’re a few thoughts to get you started on the process.
First of all..

Do you know how much you can afford?
You may have a dream home home in mind, however if you haven’t gone down the path of speaking to any banks for mortgage brokers. You don’t probably really know, how much you can afford? I highly recommend you taking that…

1st step: Real estate agents will take you more seriously, If you have that pre-approval enhance before you make a phone call or stop in office get the pre-approval. It will pay off in the end.

2nd Step: Visit the area to go checkout area’s hotspots, drive-through communities, visit the neighborhood. Check out the area before you ask to see the inside of a home even if you have homes that are on your list that you’re very interested in – drive by them and check out the community. Just see what you think of the outside. It will save you so much time.

In the another tips is what’s really important?
What really important to you in a home is it to be in a community where there’s amenities or to not be not in a community where there’s no neighbors close by. Are you looking for one story home or two story. Do you really want to have that master bedroom on the first floor or does it not matter – just figure out what’s important. Although you can be flexible knowing this in advance is incredibly helpful.
And then my final tip is to Research your realtor!
This can be very very important. You’ll find somebody that you’re compatible with do it your online research, read reviews and testimonials. Figure out if their full-time agent or part-time either might work for you. If they are full-time, they’re going to be more available to you if you have questions. If their part time just ask, you know what their typical hours are just to make sure that it’s the relationship will work.

Those are my tips and I hope that if you have any real estate questions you would call or text me. I would look forward to working with you.

Existing-home sales next year are expected to grow about 2% to 5.46 million homes, helped by millennial first-time home buyers. For many people, the dream of owning a home might become a reality next year. Bridget Gelderman,, combines innovative marketing tactics with up-to-date technology to make her real estate business stand out. As a full-time Realtor with Davis R. Chant Realtors Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley, Pennsylvania, Bridget’s attention to detail, energy and work ethic has set her apart in the real estate industry. If you are looking for a home to purchase or have one to sell, Bridget will provide you with top notch service and area expertise.

Bridget Gelderman, Realtor
Davis R. Chant Realtors
C: 570-840-1314
P: 570-226-4518

Looking to SELL your home or BUY real estate in the Pocono Mountains? Reach out to Bridget at 570-840-1314 or 570-226-4518. If you want to know more about this, Click here


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