LightRope – Best Books for Depression and Anxiety Treatment By Kellan Fluckiger

TightRope of depression is a self-help book for depression and anxiety treatment. To know more visit at here

Do you spend a lot of time doubting yourself? Hating Yourself? Paralyzed and afraid to ‘put yourself out there?
Do you live in fear of being ‘not good enough or total failure? Are procrastination and self-sabotage your constant companions?

Join Kellan Fluckiger and his 40-year journey through the valley of depression and blissfully and gratefully out the other side. From self-doubt to attempted suicide. From the depths of misery and failure to the heights of confidence, success and inner peace. Imagine wearing fog covered glasses for 40 years and then suddenly taking them off. That’s how dramatic the change had been.

Kellan’s liberation came in two parts. First being diagnosed with depression. Finally, there was a framework to understand the crazy journey. Second, creating a way to understand, recognize, cope with and ultimately master this unrelenting monster.

You don’t have to be a slave to endless rounds of medication, managing unpleasant side-effects and just barely getting by. There is so much more that can be done. You are the author of your life, the master of your future. No matter where your journey has taken you before, the future is unwritten.

Experience the joy, the freedom and the peace and the power to create for yourself. Procrastination won’t help you here. Discover the common themes that underlie all depression and misery from one who suffered along with his friends and family. If you want to know more avout this, Click here


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