LightRope Ep:2 – Why Do Anything | Motivational Speech For Success in Life By Kellan Fuckiger

This is two numbers video of LightRope daily transformation for the bold channel where Kellan Fuckiger explain why do anything? To know more at here

We need to answer that question because sometimes things are so frustrating that you might think why do anything? why try anything?

Now the LightRope, I’m dedicating this channel to daily transformation to the bold people that want to make somethings out of their lives are motivated and want to improve do better, do more give back.
You don’t say it. However, you want to hear all those different ways and so the answer to why do anything?
While I’m going to answer at least some thought about it and then offer some excuse me some ways that not only important but possible. No matter what situation you’re it? So why do anything is because it’s in our nature to do good, it’s in our nature to help, to try, to give, to want, to help people without exception when I ask people what they like to do and maybe I talked to a skewed sample. I don’t know but without exception the people. I talked to say that I like to help people that just means that you and me and those that I talked. We all have a satisfaction associated with doing something that somebody find useful. The feeling that comes. When we do something helpful and good that’s a powerful place to start. The next thing, I hear is in one of two things which I don’t know how to do? what I want to do and make a living the other thing I hear. Yeah, I don’t think anybody would pay me or I could do what I want to do and it would matter to anyone and that’s versions kind of the same thing but the answer why do anything is because it is in your nature. The deepest part of the truest part of your nature is to do good. I call it, adding good to the world. How your experiences may have buried that it may have caused you to struggle or to hurt there’s no place for do-gooders and people that are dedicated to sort of positive things in the world but I’m here to tell you that’s not true. There is a place. there is a need. It’s growing and it’s a crying need so why d anything? I’m not want to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but the answer is because we should and I say, you, me and we should do everything in our power to be useful, helpful, productive, powerful, creators. You’re diving being so my and because that’s true. It is in your nature to build, to create and to do what I said a minute ago, which is adding good to the world. So let’s look at a bunch of different circumstances and I’ll take them from my life and from those that I know but I know without even thinking about it that you can find out. How they apply to your life so there was a time many years when I had a job. I’ve been consultant and business owner also for many many years but there was certainly a time when I had job. Many of you may have jobs. Often you hear well, I have a job. I hate my go-to stuff. I don’t like. I do it juts to pay the bills so I can have some money to do what I want. OK, so let’s say you have a job, let’s say it’s even a job that you don’t like. How do you that job is a direct reflection of your answer to the question why do anything? I’d have jobs that want you know. I’ve been like if you go to that job and do the best that you can and do it with a cheerful attitude. You reward yourself, three things happen. You reward yourself because you know, you’re doing well, you’re doing it good right, you’re doing well. I don’t know you’re doing it well I don’t know you’re doing it right and that’s a personal sense of satisfaction. You’re doing good for the organization. You know, you’re doing good there. You’re doing a good job and so that’s the second reward, the second wind that you get this because you’re doing good for them as well as yourself. The third one is opportunities come when you’re in that mindset. When you’re in the mindset and attitude of doing good and doing a good job even if it’s not something you like. Guess what opportunities come they do. Come to those who work that way. I’ve certainly seen it myself and I’ve seen it in many others. So that;s a time and that’s the situation. ………..
It’s a lifelong extension pursuit and that’s where the third time, at last, your whole life. It’s expand your soul, your capability, and your joy. So why do anything because it is our nature. if you want to know more about this, Click here


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