LightRope Ep:4 Who Am I? Realize Your True Identity By Kellan Fluckiger

This is an ongoing video series by Kellan Fluckiger who describe in this video WHO AM I? Learn more about Kellan Fuckiger and his book TightRope of depression here

This channel will inspire you, motivate you, drive you, proactive you, even make you happy or angry.

Do you spend a lot of time doubting yourself? Hating Yourself? Paralyzed and afraid to ‘put yourself out there?’
Do you live in fear of being ‘not good enough’ or total failure? Are procrastination and self-sabotage your constant companions?

Have you ever asked yourself who am I? what is your best identity? Not yet know this answer of this question who am I actually? Let’s watch this video and discover the perfect answer from Kellan Fuckiger who written a book “TightRope of Depression”.

From this book’s you will learn how to overcome depression, darkness, despair, and death to life because it is a personal journey and exploration of what it’s like to live with the beast for 40 years, mostly undiagnosed and be baffled and terrified at the consequences and collateral damage.

We have enough things that happen to us that are easy, good, and difficult in the same day, all the time and when days get particularly challenging.

Sometimes we get the feeling and like who might even have an opinion, Who am I? To say anything.

Why would anybody pay attention to me? and I know that if you’re trying to create a business online or business anywhere or even if you’re at work and you’re trying to get a promotion or make a name for yourself or do a good job or just you know hold on to life in the same way.

It’s not difficult to get a place where you feel like who am I? To even have an opinion.

Why would anyone listen to what I think, what I have to say my ideas and I’m just tired of being beaten down and so just sort of shriveling up.

I want to talk about that today who are you to have an opinion.
Who are you to be listened to be paid attention to my face when green guess why the light turned green?

We’re waiting for that. Ok, so let’s just dig right down into the who are you?

Well, here’s a couple of key facts.

Your creator: You have the ability to create your life. You’re the moving cause of action in your life.
It isn’t people outside.
It isn’t outside forces.

It isn’t your boss, your spouse, your mate, your significant, other your kids.

Your abilities or disabilities or whatever it is you.
Think, you have that isn’t the moving cause of action and you know that inherently in your heart because you know and I know people with all kinds spectacular abilities, even we know all kinds of struggles, challenges, and something like that.

We would have disabilities who have made the amazing contribution so let’s some of those, Stephen Hawking, a genius of our time, physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and inventor of cool things.

So today I want to encourage you to take that choice seriously. It is so easy to abdicate to that choice to circumstances.
Well, I’ll start my diet tomorrow.
I’ll start my exercise tomorrow.
I’ll start quit smoking tomorrow.
I’ll this whatever, it is tomorrow and that is really the same sort of defeatist attitude.

Anything but today, now, often, when we get to a place of you. Know who might have an opinion.

It’s sort of like pop-out because we just don’t really want to do the work that it takes.

We don’t really want to do the push-ups or however, you want to describe that we want the accolades and the privileges and the excitement and the recognition that comes with a certain.

Set of accomplishments but we don’t want to put forth the effort that it takes to make that our life.

We would rather perhaps complain about others that have it or about circumstances that prevent us.

So the point of my thing, today is the answer to the question who are you?
To have an opinion.
You are a divine creation with divine gifts and talents that are unique to you that you can contribute to the world ended in a way.
No one else can now whether or not you choose to magnify that make it powerful and do something good with.

It is up to you and it’s up to me. It’s a choice that we have not just once but every day, every hour all the time.

My strongest encourage to you, today is to take that choice seriously and make it intentionally.
Don’t abdicate such important choices you have once.

So own your opportunities make your choice intentionally and above all break the cage now.

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