LightRope Ep:5 – Look In The Mirror | Best Motivational Video By Kellan Fluckiger

LightRope episode:5. Look in the mirror the best motivational video by Kellan Fluckiger who wrote a book TightRope of depression. Learn more at here

Do you spend a lot of time doubting yourself? Hating Yourself? Paralyzed and afraid to ‘put yourself out there?’
Do you live in fear of being ‘not good enough’ or total failure? Are procrastination and self-sabotage your constant companions?

Join Kellan Fluckiger and his 40-year journey through the valley of depression and blissfully and gratefully out the other side. From self-doubt to attempted suicide. From the depths of misery and failure to the heights of confidence, success and inner peace. Imagine wearing fog covered glasses for 40 years and then suddenly taking them off. That’s how dramatic the change had been.

When you look in the mirror what do you feel?

Are you excited about life, yourself?

Do you love and admiration for that person staring back at you?

Do you worry about how you look externally to someone else or how you look in the mirror?

Wish you or something else you don’t like your face, your body or maybe even deeper than that you don’t like something inside.

If you don’t look in the mirror and feel love and kindness towards yourself, why not all growth and achievement starts from a place of loving yourself.

If you think about religious doctrine, If you’re so inclined, nearly every religion has the principal expressed in the new testament about loving your neighbor as yourself.

We memorialize that in the golden rule do unto others as though you were the others.

I’m actually not talking about that level of loving yourself. I’m talking about something different that you love, you happy with the person that you are day to day how you act with.

How you present yourself in the world? do you tell the truth all of those questions?
That’s the kind of self-love I’m asking about and what I’m not asking are you perfect.
In the other words are you finding, you have things about yourself that you want to improve?
Of course, everybody has that. Here’s the crux of the matter is fact that you have things, maybe many things, maybe big things about yourself that you don’t want to continue, you want to change. That’s means, you have to hatred or self-loathing to work yourself.

My answer is absolutely and unequivocally no. You don’t. In fact, you must not feel that self-loathing and hate towards yourself and it is not necessary or good to say I’m bad, what I’m doing is bad and I want to go somewhere good, I want to change. So I can be good because that is a colossal fallacy.

You make mistakes and you have the story of you should know better, you should not do that is harmful. It is toxic and counterproductive. It’s harmful to your self-esteem and your energy to go forward.

It damages toxic, it creates worry, upsetness, cortisol hormones in your body that are physically damaging and it creates a feeling of a story of unworthy and how much you sick.

I have lived there for decades knowing. somehow that I wasn’t bad enough and I thought that I have to be better and then if I did something better and they didn’t get the approval.

I’m going to give you one exercise, go to the mirror and look in it and look in your own eyes and say I love you to yourself.

Now if you’ve never done that before or if you haven’t done it much. It’s going to feel really weird and I have done that with some people.
They can’t even do it. It can’t look them. I love you either feels too weird that you’re guilty or use this whole dance around it and I want you to practice that and tell yourself, you love that person in the mirror looking in the eyes, not on me.

Seriously, I love you and I want you just work through that day after day until it becomes true now.

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