The Road to the Games – Mitch Sinnamon – Episode. 2

From the track to the gym, Mitch has to be ready for anything at The Games. Visit:
Follow along in episode two of “Road to the Games” with Mitch Sinnamon.

Special thanks to The Brave for collaborating on this project.

How Mitch Sinnamon start the track to the gym.

0:02 We’re doing a track session. What I have s three by four hundred meters with a 30-second rest in between each effort.
Five-minute rest after each lot of three and then we’re going to enter that free time to move things off with 60-meter effort where the 120 meter walk. So, the idea this is the consistent pace.

0:21 We’re trying to run is the patient’s maintained for a 3k effort and just to sort of maintaining the former republic.

1:02 I usually get up around 4:30 am. Click the kettle on straight away to make coffee.

1:15 In the morning, praying after that I usually from April 10 at something again chill after a little bit.

1:22 I usually train from about 1:00 till 3:00 if I haven’t coach during the day. I’ll make my way home.

1:30 I’ll usually forget so much stuff at all do it at home otherwise I’m edge us top to one down a bit.

2:56 The goals for this year and beyond. I’d like to place higher than I did last year. I’d be happy and satisfied with my performance if I excelled after the final event of games that I gave of my all in every event. Leading up last year. It becomes a little bit of survival this year. I want to know that I gave up my best shot to do the best that I can at each event.

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